Assistance or complaints

We are dedicated to providing you with the utmost service quality. If we have not met your expectations or if you are dissatisfied in any manner, you must inform us. Your feedback/concerns allow us to conduct thorough investigations, rectify any issues, and enhance our services for the overall satisfaction of our business.

For your convenience, you can reach out to the nearest LM Exchange branch, call us at 80056, or send an email to Rest assured, we treat your complaints/concerns seriously and are committed to achieving a prompt resolution while adhering to our complaint handling principles.



The customer service charter establishes our commitment towards customers and our expectations from the customers during multiple interactions.

We promise to

  • Treat you fairly by being honest, professional, and ethical in all our dealings

  • Train our staff to handle your queries and behave with professional standards

  • Understand your requirements before we process your transactions

  • Provide all relevant information about the service before the processing of the transaction

  • Respond to your queries with all the information available to us

  • Resolve your concerns within 48 hours (2 business days) or update the status of the issue escalated

  • Protect your identity and personal information from third parties except in case it is warranted by the law enforcement & regulatory bodies or partners involved in your transaction

We expect you to…

  • Help us know you better by providing information relevant to executing a transaction

  • Provide original identification/related documents relevant to executing a transaction

  • Provide additional information/documents required for the post-transaction phase

  • Ensure all information/documents provided are genuine and correct to the best of your knowledge

  • Verify the correctness of transaction details before confirming a transaction

  • Agree to the terms and conditions of the transaction by signing off the transaction document

  • Report grievances related to transactions/services directly to the customer service team

  • Provide timely responses to all the communication where your response is warranted

For your feedback and more information

Write to us at or call at 800 56