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Anti-fraud Policy

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 Instilling a “zero tolerance policy” at all levels is our solution to prevent Fraud.


Anti- fraud policy and procedures of L M Exchange are for preventing and deterring corruption, fraud, collusion, coercion, obstruction, money laundering and terrorist financing activities.  The steps that are taken are within the guidelines of Central Bank of UAE and best practices in the market. It applies to partners, Directors, employees, and anybody associated with L M Exchange who commits fraud, theft or any other dishonesty, or who becomes aware of it and does not report it.

In the growing economy some unethical practices have been witnessed. Nowadays frauds, corruption etc. have entered in every sector. Fraudulent practices are like slow poisoning which destroy the system of faith, loyalty, reliability, and confidence of the people. L M Exchange will continually strive to ensure that all its financial and administrative processes are carried out and reported honestly, accurately, transparently, and accountably and that all decisions are taken objectively and free of personal interest. We will not condone any behavior that falls short of these principles. All members of the organisation have a responsibility for putting these principles into practice and for reporting any breaches they discover. Considering the serious risk factors that fraud presents to business, we have formal systems and procedures in place to prevent, detect and respond to fraud. There are steps which can be taken to deter fraud and make it much less attractive to commit. We ensure that verifications are carried out in an adequate manner, as these verifications are an important tool in deterring and detecting fraud.