Our Leadership Team


Vice President

With over 30 years of leadership experience in foreign exchange and money transfer, Mr. Jacob is a seasoned professional. His expertise lies in Profit Centre Operations, covering Foreign Exchange, Foreign Treasury, and the intricate dynamics of the Money Transfer Business. Notably, Jacob holds approval as a professional for directorial roles in the Central Bank of UAE, Oman, and regulatory bodies in Malaysia and Singapore (MAS).

Raghu Nair

General Manager

Our empowering General Manager at LM Exchange, with over two decades of extensive experience in the financial services industry. His strategic expertise is geared toward delivering enhanced value to customers, showcasing proven knowledge and a solid track record in operations, cash management, treasury, and the foreign currency trade market. Responsible for charting the future direction of LM Exchange alongside the Board and Management Team, he has initiated strategic initiatives to enhance product and service value.

Shyju Beltazer

Chief Compliance Officer

Our dynamic Chief Compliance Officer, whose professional journey spans over 17 years of expertise in local and international regulatory compliance for MSBs. He is a seasoned professional with a decade of experience in leadership and advisory roles, adding a personal touch to ensuring our operations meet the highest standards of compliance.

Biju Thomas

Head of Business Risk and Fraud Prevention Officer

A seasoned pro with 15+ years in Risk Management, Compliance, Fraud Investigation, and Business Advisory. With a knack for evaluating risks in portfolio decisions and forecasting potential losses, Biju takes personalized steps to safeguard our business goals. He ensures controls operate effectively, identifies potential risks, provides invaluable research and analytical support and is a dedicated guardian for a resilient and successful journey.

Ephreme Jose

Chief Internal Auditor

A Chartered Accountant since 2002, boasts over 28 years of expertise in banking, financial institutions, shipping, and the telecom industry. With a distinguished career, he has held key leadership roles in renowned organizations such as Citicorp, PwC, and Airtel. Beyond being an accomplished professional, he serves as a guide through the intricate landscapes of finance and compliance, adding a personalized touch to his extensive experience.

Hareesh R S

Head of IT

Our enthusiastic IT Professional with over 15 years of experience in the financial industry's information technology realm. As the Head of IT, he oversees core systems, Third Party Products, Application Development, and Implementation. He plays a crucial role in maintaining security protocols and disaster recovery systems to safeguard the integrity of data resources within the organization. An integral part of LM Exchange's growth and transformation, he effectively leads in IT infrastructure strategy, and corporate planning, and collaborates closely with the management and its committees to formulate and execute strategies.

Sumit Chaturvedi

Head Of Finance

Sumit is an experienced finance manager with a proven track record of effectively managing financial functions across diverse organizational landscapes. Possessing a broad skill set, he takes the helm in guiding strategic planning and forecasting initiatives, forging close partnerships with business associates to ensure alignment between financial endeavours and overarching organizational objectives. Throughout his career, Sumit has showcased a profound grasp of financial intricacies, encompassing budgetary control, meticulous financial reporting, and adept risk management. His hands-on approach to financial stewardship extends to collaborative efforts with cross-functional teams, fostering the development of resilient financial strategies aimed at fostering sustainable growth and enhancing profitability.

Firoz Hussain

Head of Operations

Our seasoned Senior Management professional with over a decade of leadership experience in financial institutions. He holds a proven track record in driving team effectiveness, revenue growth, and customer satisfaction in challenging markets. His expertise in transformational leadership enables effective team motivation and development. He has successfully developed business plans, established KPI metrics, and implemented continuous improvement strategies throughout various leadership roles in different financial institutions. His achievements include driving sales growth, enhancing operational efficiency, developing new talent, building and maintaining customer relationships, and expanding market share through targeted marketing campaigns.

Mohanlal Tamang

Head of Remittance

Mohan is a highly seasoned and accomplished payment and remittance professional, boasting a demonstrated history of significantly elevating corporate value through strategic contributions to business strategy and execution. With a wealth of experience, Mohan has established a robust track record within the remittance and payments industry, solidifying his position as a key driver of success in this dynamic field.

Muhammed Ibrahim

Head of Forex

Muhammed is a highly skilled Senior Merchant with a proven track record in the financial services industry, specifically specializing in foreign exchange (Forex) management. With a wealth of experience, he has demonstrated expertise in navigating the complexities of the financial market. Muhammed's proficiency lies in effectively managing forex operations, implementing strategic financial decisions, and ensuring optimal outcomes for clients and stakeholders.

George Mathew

Head of Dealing

George is an experienced professional at the helm of dealing with a distinguished track record, showcasing extensive experience within the banking industry. With a proven history of success, he has demonstrated proficiency in the nuanced and critical role of heading the dealing treasury.

Merlin Cicily Varghese

Customer Care In charge

Merlin is a highly motivated and organized professional with a background encompassing Human resources, central operations, and customer care. With outstanding interpersonal, communication, and organizational skills, Merlin excels in multitasking and is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. As a committed team player, she has a strong desire to contribute to the success of the organization. With a proven track record of delivering outstanding service to customers, Merlin is skilled in resolving inquiries and complaints. Currently serving as our Customer Care Manager, she ensures that customer service standards and procedures are met, prioritizing customer satisfaction in every interaction.

Nilay Shah

Human Resource Manager

Nilay Shah is an accomplished HR Manager specializing in Employee Engagement and General Administration. With a demonstrated proficiency in independently managing entire office operations, Nilay is equally adept at contributing collaboratively within a team environment. His skill set includes administrative acumen, impeccable organizational abilities, motivational leadership, tact, and exceptional communication skills. As an effective communicator, Nilay possesses excellent relationship-building skills, along with a keen aptitude for strong analytical, problem-solving, and organizational capabilities, making him a valuable asset in fostering success and synergy within any professional setting.